A leased horse may be shown in Non Pro or Youth competition under the following guidelines:

  1. Prior to showing, the lessee (Non Pro or Youth) showing the leased horse, must have a lease on file and all fees paid to the NRHA office prior to competing.

    The lease must be to an individual only. There are no restrictions to the number of times the lease can be renewed. All leases end on December 31 of the calendar year.

    During the term of the lease, the lessee and his/her immediate family may show the leased horse in all categories of classes, excluding Categories 2 and 6.

    A Professionals member may show the leased horse in open competition.

    Only one lease at a time per horse per year will be recognized.

¡Find here the forms!

  Lease Form

→  Termination Lease Form

6.  The lessor may not show the horse during the term of the lease.

7.  Lessor must be a current NRHA member in good standing. An Associate membership is acceptable.

8.  During the term of the lease, all points and/or monies earned will be credited to the lessee.



Who can lease a horse for NRHA competition?
Non Pro and Youth members are eligible to lease a horse for showing purposes.

How much is an NRHA lease?

$100 for the initial lease, and then $20 for every renewal.

Is there a limit on how many times I can renew a lease?

You can renew a lease unlimited times with the NRHA, but all leases do expire on December 31st of each year.

I lease a horse with NRHA, can I show that horse in any class?

You only show in any NRHA class, except Categories 2 and 6 classes.

I am a lessee and want to purchase the horse I’ve been leasing. How do I transfer it into my name?

Contact the Member & Show Services Department for instructions and a form to complete the transfer.

Can a lease be terminated early?
Yes, a lease can be terminated at any time. The lease termination form can be found on nrha.com under “Forms and Documents.”

Do I have to send in the horse’s original competition license?

Yes, the lease form, lease fee and the original competition license must be turned in to the NRHA office prior to competing. After the lease is processed, a lease certificate will be mailed to you. The certificate will be required as proof of the lease when entering NRHA events.


If I void my lease before December 31st, can someone else lease that horse for the remainder of the year?

Only one lease per year is allowed for each horse.

If I lease my horse, can my trainer still show it?

Yes, a Professional can compete on the leased horse in any Open Competition they are eligible for, this includes Category 2 & 6 Classes.

Whose ownership records get credited with the earnings while the lease is active?

The Lessee earns the points/money during the term of the lease.

After the lease expires on December 31st, how does the original owner (lessor) receive a competition license for the horse that was previously leased?

Contact the Member Services Department for instructions. NRHA membership must be current before the competition license will be issued.


When does my lease expire?

All leases expire on December 31st of each year. Renewals must be submitted by this date to be eligible for the renewal pricing.

I have already turned in a lease with AQHA, do I still have to turn a lease form in with NRHA?

Yes, the NRHA lease form is required for NRHA competition and must be on file prior to competing. An AQHA lease does not fulfill this requirement for NRHA competition.

Can I turn in my lease form at the show?

All leases must come into the NRHA office with the original competition license and fee for processing prior to competing. Please allow time for processing and return mailing.

Does the Leasor have to be a current NRHA member?

Yes, they have to be a member. An Associate membership is acceptable.

Can the owner show their horse when it is being leased?

Lessors with Non Pro, Youth, Youth Non Pro or Associate memberships may show the leased horse in Category 10 (Green Reiner, Ride & Slide), Rookie (Rookie L1, Rookie L2, Prime Time Rookie, Youth Rookie) and Unrestricted Youth, as there are no ownership restrictions in these classes. Refer to the current policy set forth by the Board regarding Eligibility.